Elim Baptist Church

Louisville, KY

L.I.T. Youth Ministry

Alexus Applegate, Ministry Coordinator

Min. Channing Banks, Youth Pastor

L.I.T (Living In Truth) Youth Ministry is dedicated to educating youth on the Word of God, building relationships, and youth development. We encourage our youth to follow and live by the Word of God by living in our truth. We are a H.O.T ministry who goes the extra mile to ensure ALL youth feel the presence and love of God.

Purpose- Bringing youth into the body of Christ, building relationships, and youth development

                     Staff                                                                                                                                                  Weekly Events:

Channing Banks- Youth Pastor                                                                                      Monday- Youth Dance Rehearsal 6pm

Alexus Applegate- Youth Director                                                                               Tuesday- Youth Choir Rehearsal- 6:30pm

Janee Banks- Youth Choir Director                                                                                 Wednesday- Youth Bible Study-7pm

                                                                                                                                     Sunday- Youth Sunday School- 10:30 am